Selasa, 20 November 2007

What is Forex?

Forex is Foreign Exchange, the currency market that exchange international currency from one country to another, so it’s a big world financial market. Trader who trade in forex market will get profit or loss in difference price when trader buy one currency and sell it again. Since currency market is changing ANYTIME, he/she can make profit EVEN in seconds. The price is changing depend on supply and demand of the market at anytime. Forex market influenced by economic condition, political situation, nature, war, issue and much more.

Forex transaction are in pairs, in example: USD (US dollar) and JPY (Japan Yen). There are many forex pair but the major pair is four; EUR/USD, GBPUSD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF. Each pair have a different price between buying and selling called spread which buying price is higher than seling price. In example, trader is making money if he buy EUR/USD and sell it’s EUR/USD when selling price is higher than it’s buying price before. So the common principle is “buy cheaper sell higher”, but some people make it easy just like “buy low sell high”.

Forex market is very big because it’s trading money, and money connected to almost anything in this world. That’s why it’s liquidity is very high. And because the money transaction is over the world, there’s no center of it and it’s almost active every minutes and seconds.

To become a forex trader you will have to learn about forex exchange trading, how it trades and what it’s influenced. You must know that even in seconds you can make profit, the risk is also with you which you can loss EVEN in seconds. Managing risk is very important to every transactions.

And also you need to make account with broker who provide service in forex trading market. You can trade forex also with banks but the spread would be very high and the equity could be very high. So the best start in forex trading is with forex broker. You can make money with your broker even with only USD 500 (depends on which broker).

You could get forex knowledge almost free right now. There are so much article, e-book, and forum to discuss forex in the internet. But if you want to get into the course, you can attend course as offline or online starting from USD 500 or more. Because forex market is very high risk business, most of broker also have an education program and demo trading software as you make account with them, so you don’t have to worry lossing your real money in forex. You can practice forex trading with virtual money. And also you can even participating in championship of virtual money trading that have price real money for trading and can withdraw the money.

So at last, forex trading is very high risk business, but it also have high opportunity. It’s maybe a good business that suit for you but maybe it doesn’t. The option is with you. If you are come to forex trading world, then I should say to you: “Welcome to Forex Trading World, and Good Luck”.